PyTorch Geometric Temporal Documentation

PyTorch Geometric Temporal is a temporal graph neural network extension library for PyTorch Geometric. It builds on open-source deep-learning and graph processing libraries. PyTorch Geometric Temporal consists of state-of-the-art deep learning and parametric learning methods to process spatio-temporal signals. It is the first open-source library for temporal deep learning on geometric structures and provides constant time difference graph neural networks on dynamic and static graphs. We make this happen with the use of discrete time graph snapshots. Implemented methods cover a wide range of data mining (WWW, KDD), artificial intelligence and machine learning (AAAI, ICONIP, ICLR) conferences, workshops, and pieces from prominent journals.

The package interfaces well with Pytorch Lightning which allows training on CPUs, single and multiple GPUs out-of-the-box. Take a look at this introductory example of using PyTorch Geometric Temporal with Pytorch Lighning.

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